Club Meetings
What's a meeting like at the Central Ocean Rotary Club of Toms River?
We begin each meeting at 12:15 with the pledge of allegiance and invocation. 
At 12:30, we begin club business where our president discusses projects, events, and activities we are a part of. Following that is our "fines" and "happy bucks". These activities are mini fundraisers that help our club be generous to charity. Don't worry, fines aren't like getting a speeding ticket... we "penalize" members for fun things like being late or wearing the wrong color. Happy bucks are given willingly by each club member to tell everyone something they are happy about each week.
Finally, we have a guest speaker, who might be someone from the community updating us on an important topic or a charity asking for our help. Meetings usually wrap up with dessert by 1:15.